About Love

I once wrote that love is supposed to empower not weaken. I learned more about love since then. Love does empower you in the sense that having a person who loves you for who you are, someone who isn’t obligated to do so by blood, can give you confidence, power & courage to face obstacles you come across. But when it comes to the person you love, you’re weak. You’ll forgive things you normally wouldn’t forgive. You’ll often find yourself looking the other way. You might believe a little lie they told so that you don’t ruin whatever it is you have. Because of that person you will edit the picture you drew a long time ago of how you imagined your life to be. It’s not that simple when that picture you drew had a lot of details that editing it will just ruin it whole. You’ll have to draw a new one. You hate drawing, you hate it when the picture you want to draw is not so clear, when you’re not sure if it’ll turn out better or worse than the one you already drew.



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