Who’s your role model?

“Who’s your role model?” A question usually asked in interviews. A question I could not find a simple answer to. My role model? Someone I look up to & aspire to be? Just one single person? If I didn’t know better, I would laugh at the fact that the person asking this question expects a genuine answer.

As a kid, the answer to this question was simple & clear, “I want to grow up to be just like my dad/mom/teacher” or whoever person you knew you loved, someone who knew things you didn’t know. Not the case when you’re older, more knowledgable and -as much as I hate to admit- judgmental.

Person A was my role model. Everything person A thought or did was right. It was like that, black & white, until I grew old enough to form my own opinion about things. All shades of grey started to appear. Person A & I disagreed on a lot. Person A was not perfect. Person A was flawed, just like myself & every other person I searched for a role model in.
If I chose an imperfect person to aspire to be like, then I’ve lowered my standards.

“I want to be as ambitious as person A, as kind & wise as person B, as strong as person C & so on”. I’ll create an illusion of a perfect person & aspire to be that person. But even in that there’s a pitfall. I’ll only be able to choose traits best represented by the people I know, which is probably not the optimal representation of the traits themselves. I don’t want to be as strong as person C if a stronger person existed.

So, I finally decided that no person will be my role model. No, I’ll go with the perfect representation of all traits. I’ll go with perfection. Perfection is my role model & I most definitely will fall short in my attempt to reach it but it wins over aspiring to be imperfect.


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