Cool story bro but let’s make this about me

Everyone likes attention whether they admit it or not. Some do more & on a bigger scale than others but nonetheless, everyone likes it. We feed on it in a way & get addicted to it. The more we get attention, the more we want of it.

You’re sitting with a friend listening while he/she talks about him/herself but you aren’t really. You’re acting like you are but in reality, even if you’re not aware of it, you’re sitting there nodding & waiting for your turn to speak.

I’m not saying I’m any different but it’s sad. I realized we do it with serious matters like death. A beloved person dies, everyone cries & mourns that person for a couple of days or months. Non of it is fake. It’s all real sadness & heart felt emotions, but what happens after is in a way disturbing. The conversations about the deceased no longer become about him/her entirely. You’ll notice that when a person talks about the matter, he/she will say things like ‘I was with that person a few hours/days before they died’, ‘I knew that person for this many years’, ‘I had a dream about that person a few days before/after they died’ & so on. It turns from he/she to I or we. Even after so many years you or somebody else will say ‘I lost my ‘whatever the relationship with that person is’ when I was this years old. I remember exactly what I was doing when I got the news. I cried for this many days. It was a difficult time for me’.

Maybe it’s intrinsic. Or maybe it’s just like certain drugs, once exposed to them & their effect, you get used to them & their absence makes you feel lost. Maybe just like your body is susceptible to addicting these certain drugs, your soul is susceptible to addicting attention & all you need is exposure.


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