‘How the fuck is this actually happening?!’ – my loudest & currently only thought on what’s happening in Gazza.

Every time I’m not sitting in front of the TV, I forget for a bit about what’s going on & get immersed in my world, but then I open twitter & see tweets or retweets that remind me. Yes, there isn’t much that we can do (and that is indescribably frustrating) but it beats forgetting. We need to fight our natural defensive reaction of trying to block things that upset us out. So do write, express, be the person who ‘rains on everyone’s parade’ because if all this didn’t help, they wouldn’t try so hard to ban people from doing it. I’m not saying our little life problems aren’t problems because they are & they matter, but just don’t forget about theirs.

This is here to remind you & thank those who remind me.


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