One day in physiology class, while the doctor was talking about membrane potential & equilibrium, he further stated that the human body has an inclination to equilibrium. “Everything seeks equilibrium” he said. I think it’s because I was thinking about something close to that the day before that I actually took a few moments (gazing into space) flipping his words in my head. We do seek equilibrium. We get education to get a job that provides money & purpose so that one day we have enough of both to retire. Whatever your job is, eventually that’s what it comes down to. This also applies to marriage, having kids, buying a house in that beautiful city you once visited & loved & so forth. Equilibrium is good as a goal to look forward to but once reached, everything stops. When a cell membrane is at equilibrium, nothing much happens. No forces to drive anything anywhere. It’s in its comfort zone so to speak. Hence, we can say that disequilibrium is our driving force, just like in cells. We want things, we work to get them. We get them, we look for new things to want. It’s when we no longer want (when we’ve reached our equilibrium) that we freeze. That’s why people who feel content with what they have, usually end up with just that, the little they have. So if such a desire as wanting to own what we don’t, didn’t exist, if we were 100% happy with what we have & who we are early on in life, as a corollary, there would be no progress or change. We’d live & die the same.


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