Time now, unlike in the past, isn’t wasted on getting the basic needs for living & as a result, we’ve gained the luxury of focusing on our feelings. We analyze, scrutinize & sometimes, overdramatize them until these feelings consume us. Feelings of love used to mean love, those of hate meant hate & everything in between was everything in between. Now however, feelings of love could mean love, simple crush or admiration, temporary affection due to boredom, emotional weakness or instability & so on. Same way with hate. It could mean jealousy or feeling threatened & scared. Lack of either currently means you’re either bored, miserable, tired, or depressed.

We no longer stop at feeling what we feel (or don’t feel) & accept it. No, we need to know why we feel the way we do, how we came to feel it & whether there’s a way to stop or change it. It’s a luxury we needn’t be able to afford.


Shallow Men & More Shallow Women

We complain about men being shallow & only care about the exterior of a woman yet when we see a couple who isn’t “phenotypically compatible”, we come up with obnoxious & hypocritical things to say such as him being blind for marrying someone who doesn’t fulfill our standards of beauty or her casting some kind of evil spell on him because what he sees in her can’t (is absolutely impossible) be what we see. We even go so far as to saying ‘she doesn’t deserve him’ & ‘I would make a better wife than her.’

Who gave us the prerogative to say who deserves to be with who? And why is such a matter not perceived with such opposition when the less attractive (again, by “our” standards) partner is the male?

And the very fact that we, other women, are the first to put out these claims & utter these words is extremely dismal.