Time now, unlike in the past, isn’t wasted on getting the basic needs for living & as a result, we’ve gained the luxury of focusing on our feelings. We analyze, scrutinize & sometimes, overdramatize them until these feelings consume us. Feelings of love used to mean love, those of hate meant hate & everything in between was everything in between. Now however, feelings of love could mean love, simple crush or admiration, temporary affection due to boredom, emotional weakness or instability & so on. Same way with hate. It could mean jealousy or feeling threatened & scared. Lack of either currently means you’re either bored, miserable, tired, or depressed.

We no longer stop at feeling what we feel (or don’t feel) & accept it. No, we need to know why we feel the way we do, how we came to feel it & whether there’s a way to stop or change it. It’s a luxury we needn’t be able to afford.


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