Do you love me? 

He held her little hands with the gentleness of a lover & the firmness of a man and said ‘I know with all my senses that I love you but do you love me?’ 

She looked at him and opened her mouth as she thought ‘You made me want things I didn’t want. You made me change my ’10 year’ plan even though I never admitted to having one. I never thought I’d find someone I could imagine spending my life with. I had standards so high (maybe purposely put in fear of rejection) that it was impossible to find a person to match them. I had lived with the thought of being on my own for so long. I believed I was strong enough (and I am) to not want to share any burdens I carry with anyone. But then you came along, like an accident, out of nowhere and flipped my world upside down. You shook the ground beneath me and woke my heart up, to you, to life. So yes, I do love you.’

But all her lips could utter were these words; ‘More than you think.’