The Unlucky Bunch 

I’m all about joking around, having fun & taking things lightly but I disapprove it when it comes to making fun of single individuals in a group manner, especially when that person isn’t even slightly aware they’re being mocked. 

All sorts of people of varying ages & levels of maturity are being exposed to the internet. Some know better & some don’t. They write, they express & a lot of them normally try to impress. Very few actually do. And what happens to the unlucky bunch who fail is they get relentlessly made fun of, by all ages. The funny part is, when you’re joining everyone in this fun game of mockery, you, yourself, are also only trying to impress. Who? Strangers who’ll probably mock you one day if you fail to impress or openly oppose their thoughts.  

I’m sure at some point I was guilty of it, like most of us are, but I’m bringing it to my attention by writing it down. Don’t you think you’re too old/good for this shit?


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