A Nightmare 

A one dimensional creature stepped into my three dimensional world. It came face to face with me. I was calm, staring at it wondering what it wanted. It had no eyes, eyebrows or facial expressions (maybe not a face at all) but somehow, looking at it, I knew what its intentions were. He came for her. My heart got filled with terror & panic the second I realized its mission, but before my body could respond to what my mind had realized, the creature casted some kind of spell on me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t scream. It then jumped over my mother who was sound asleep next to me. I tried with everything in me to move but I couldn’t. To scream but I also couldn’t. What came out was a muffled sound not enough to wake my mother up. I believed that waking her up would get rid of the creature. I shouted as loud as I could through my sealed lips with tears coming down my eyes. My body nailed to the bed for what seemed like a decade. I was getting tired but my fear was bigger than the exhaustion I felt so I kept trying to wake her up. 
I finally heard my mother’s voice. She called my name & I knew she woke up. The creature disappeared & I instantly fell asleep (woke up in reality). 
I had forgotten about this nightmare the next day until my mother brought it up. She asked if I remember waking up in the middle of the night & I said “No. Well yeah. I went to the bathroom once I believe.” She looked my way (I was facing a mirror getting ready to go out) & said “You had a nightmare. Do you remember it? You were almost screaming (she heard the same muffled sounds, the strangled screams, that had come out of me in my dream).” 

Tears started filling my eyes. I hadn’t had nightmares in years, perhaps not at all. Nothing that means anything at least. It made me realize how hard this is for me. I can’t tell my mother that my biggest fear almost manifested itself in my dreams when in reality she needs me to be strong for her. So after a few moments, while still facing the mirror, I said to her “Really? I don’t remember”. 


Random thought

Have you noticed that your idea of “the right person” for you changes as you change & grow up? For example, who you might think is your “soulmate” now is different from who you thought it was say 5 or 10 years ago? And if that’s the case and it’s normal for it to be this way, does it not mean that in the long run, we are all (except maybe the rare few that change in the same exact way) destined to fall out of love with our significant others?