A Nightmare 

A one dimensional creature stepped into my three dimensional world. It came face to face with me. I was calm, staring at it wondering what it wanted. It had no eyes, eyebrows or facial expressions (maybe not a face at all) but somehow, looking at it, I knew what its intentions were. He came for her. My heart got filled with terror & panic the second I realized its mission, but before my body could respond to what my mind had realized, the creature casted some kind of spell on me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t scream. It then jumped over my mother who was sound asleep next to me. I tried with everything in me to move but I couldn’t. To scream but I also couldn’t. What came out was a muffled sound not enough to wake my mother up. I believed that waking her up would get rid of the creature. I shouted as loud as I could through my sealed lips with tears coming down my eyes. My body nailed to the bed for what seemed like a decade. I was getting tired but my fear was bigger than the exhaustion I felt so I kept trying to wake her up. 
I finally heard my mother’s voice. She called my name & I knew she woke up. The creature disappeared & I instantly fell asleep (woke up in reality). 
I had forgotten about this nightmare the next day until my mother brought it up. She asked if I remember waking up in the middle of the night & I said “No. Well yeah. I went to the bathroom once I believe.” She looked my way (I was facing a mirror getting ready to go out) & said “You had a nightmare. Do you remember it? You were almost screaming (she heard the same muffled sounds, the strangled screams, that had come out of me in my dream).” 

Tears started filling my eyes. I hadn’t had nightmares in years, perhaps not at all. Nothing that means anything at least. It made me realize how hard this is for me. I can’t tell my mother that my biggest fear almost manifested itself in my dreams when in reality she needs me to be strong for her. So after a few moments, while still facing the mirror, I said to her “Really? I don’t remember”. 


2 comments on “A Nightmare 

  1. I hope she manages to defeat the one-dimensional creature.

  2. I hope so too. Thank you 💗💗

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