The People Who Live in My Phone

It was only 2 years ago when I got caught up in the virtual world. Did so through the known & now famous apps such as Twitter, Instagram and finally Path. Got to know a lot of truly wonderful people who I confidently call friends, my virtual friends. I know how this would sound to someone who’s unfamiliar with this world. How inane it would seem. Being friends with someone you’ve never met face to face? Someone whose full name you may or may not know? Not only that, but you lack knowledge about other useless details like those too. Details you would normally know about a person before calling him/her a friend in the real world. Details like the number of siblings they have, their birthday, their favorite color, where they live & where they’re originally from & so on. 

The way I look at it is this; everyone has secrets. People you know in real life have parts of them they hide too. Parts they’d share with strangers & not you. So who’s to decide which details are more important than which? 

A person may argue how this affects trust. How can you trust people who can so easily lie and deceive you into sharing more than you normally would. But again, this applies to all people. All trust comes with its risk, whether in the real or virtual life. The only thing you can do is be smart about it. 

Another thing, which is true, is you may never find these virtual people you call friends if one day they decided to leave this world & become virtually dead but that’s ok. Everyone, anywhere can leave at any time. I mean it in every meaning this sentence holds.

So have fun, enjoy your lives (real & virtual), act smart & only truly trust a few.